rank my website

rank my website?

Many people ask, “why should I rank my website?” Quite simply, if you have a great product or service and a nice website. but frustrated with having no traffic to your website you need to get your site ranked.

In 2011, Google estimated there were over 1 billion searches per month. That’s a lot of potential clients out there. Problem is there are over 650 million websites competing for your clients. And to make it worse, it’s a proven fact that the first three listings from any search get virtually ALL of the traffic!

Ranking a website takes a measure of skill of knowledge to do, but you can do it if you understand some basic SEO principles. I’m going to show you how to get your website ranked quickly and without investing a huge sum of money for consultant fees, or threatening to blackmail the CEO’s of the top companies listed on search engines.

1. Choose the Right Keywords

There are billions of keywords to choose from, but you need to choose the right one to properly rank your website. Many people choose keywords that have many monthly searches, but they don’t think about intent or competition. For example, “diet” is a very competitive term that is very general. A top-three ranking for this keyword is virtually impossible and most people won’t visit your website because it is too general. It is best to choose a more specific keyword like “best organic diet food” that is less competitive. A less competitive keyword is easy to rank for, and many get a good amount of monthly searches. The key is finding a keyword to build your site around that is less competitive, but also has enough search volume to bring you traffic.

There are hundreds of ways to analyze search volumes and competition levels for keywords. You can spend hundreds of dollars on programs and systems to find the right keyword. But there’s an expert who uses multiple systems and can give you the best options for your niche in 24 hours or less for five dollars. Seriously – $5.00! He has 100% positive reviews and you can find him here:

Best Keyword Research and Selection

 2. On-Page SEO design 

A professional site auditing report will look at all the areas of your website, such as the metatags and social media connections, and it will show you what your weak points are. Getting an audit will boost your website because you can easily patch these areas, and you will see how your website compares to the best in your niche. There are many site auditing tools, but it’s best to use a professional to get the best results.

You’ll quickly find there are many SEO “gurus” out thee who will charge hundreds of dollars per month to tell you how to fix your site, but here’s a link to one I use and trust. He actually provides reports for many “gurus” and he’s only five dollars. Check it out here:

Best SEO Audit and Reports

3. Link Building

Off-page SEO is all about link building. Google has stated in several interviews that each link is like a vote. Search engine relevancy is like a democratic system, and the one on top has the most and the BEST votes. All votes aren not equal. It’s not just about quantity of links. It’s also about quality of links. In fact, low quality links can DESTROY you website. Many people who said I did “rank my website high” lost all search engine recognition of their site with the Google Panda and Penguin updates because of low-quality backlinks.
Link building isn’t difficult, but it is time consuming. You need to first find a good website that is relevant to your niche that has a good PageRank and offers DoFollow links. You then just need to find a way to link from that website to your own. If it’s an article directory, then submit an article with your link in it. If it’s a blog, then leave a comment with your link attached to it. If it’s a static HTML website, then you might need to ask the Webmaster to leave a link for you. Here’s the best inexpensive link-building service I know:

Best Backlink Service

Ranking a website isn’t difficult, but it takes a lot of time. Most people spend weeks or months learning the basics of SEO, and it can take hours from your day to do all the link building and optimizing. Try using the referrals I gave today. They will help you say “I did rank my website” without forcing you to do the heavy lifting. The services are quick, professional, and almost free.